Pitch Tables of Contents

Complete through Volume 1, Number 4 (Spring 1990)

Volume 1, Number 1 (Autumn 1986)

Everything Goes
Johnny Reinhard
p. 2
A New Work by Lou Harrison
Robert Jurgrau
p. 3
Just Intonation in Modern Music
Jon Catler
pp. 4-5
Computers, Digital Synthesizers, and Microtonality
Henry Lowengard
pp. 6-7
Busoni’s Postscript: Report on the Division of the Whole Tone into Three Parts
Ferruccio Busoni
p. 8
Postscript to Busoni’s Postscript
Ivor Darreg
pp. 8-9
David Galt
p. 9
Show Horses in the Concert Ring
Harry Partch
pp. 10-13
Review of “Microtonal Instruments,” by Hugh Davies, in The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
Joel Mandelbaum
pp. 14-15
AFMM History
Johnny Reinhard
p. 16

Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 1987)

The Golden Scale
Jacques Dudon
pp. 1-7
Is This the Lost Music of the Spheres?
Charles E. H. Lucy
pp. 8-11
An account of the Discovery of Musick (1775)
John Harrison
pp. 12-14
Rudolf Rasch
pp. 15-20
Computers, Digital Synthesizers, MIDI, and Microtonality: Part II
Henry Lowengard
pp. 21-25
Bach’s Tuning
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 26-38
Microtones and Madness: Review of Songs of Insanity, by Harold Seletsky
Robert Jurgrau
pp. 39-40
Review of The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings, by Easley Blackwood
Joel Mandelbaum
pp. 41-43
New Wave in the New Age: Review of Sister, by Sonic Youth
Merideth K. Genin
p. 44
Adriaan Daniel Fokker (1887-1972)
Joel Mandelbaum
p. 45
Hugh Davies
p. 46
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 47-53
Johnny Reinhard
p. 54
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 55-111
American Festival of Microtonal Music Programs (1981-1987)
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 112-131

Volume 1, Number 3 (Winter 1988-89)

Glyptodon (sound recording)
Skip La Plante
Composition For Sheng (1985) (sound recording)
Bradford Catler
Religione est une Salope (1981) (sound recording)
Jon Catler
In the Springtime on the South Side of the Yangtze Kiang (1931) (sound recording)
Harry Partch
Composition opus 43 pour Quatuor a Cordes dans l’echelle de Quarts de Tons (sound recording)
Ivan Wyschnegradsky
Presto (1944) (sound recording)
Bela Bartok
Walking on a Chinese Moon (sound recording)
Jeff Stayton
Will the Circle Be Unbroken (sound recording)
Mark Rankin
Symphonietta (extract) (sound recording)
Johnny Reinhard
December, 1942 (sound recording)
Harry Partch
Right-hand Pentachord Variations (sound recording)
Pete Rose
Exorcism (1971) (sound recording)
Harold Seletsky
Lure (sound recording)
Paul Gallagher
Country Blues No. 2 (1942) (sound recording)
Muddy Waters

Volume 1, Number 4 (Spring 1990)

Johnny Reinhard
p. 1
Three Asymmetric Divisions of the Octave
Wendy Carlos
pp. 2-3
Maqam: Middle Eastern Tuning
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 4-9
Interview with John Cage
Mitch Corber and Arleen Schloss
pp. 10-15
Dual Arithmetic: A system of pure mathematics redefined and applied to the generation of Just chords
Thomas Smith
pp. 16-18
Review of Microtonal MIDI Terminal, by Denny Genovese
Steve Kaufman
p. 19
Review of Selected Musical Compositions (1948-1972), by Adriaan Daniël Fokker, edited by Rudolf Rasch
M. Joel Mandelbaum
pp. 20-21
Review of Tone Over Tone, by Loretta Goldberg
Robert Jurgrau
pp. 22-23
Review of The Well-Tuned Piano 81 X 25 6:17:50–11:18:59 NYC, by La Monte Young
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 24-25
Composing with Quartertones
Tui St. George Tucker
pp. 26-27
Alto Recorder Fingering Chart Showing Quarter Tones (chart)
Tui St. George Tucker
p. 28
The Recorder: For the Composer
Bob Margolis
pp. 29-32
Recorder Tone
Elmer Jerome
p. 33
12-Tone Just for Recorder
Timothy Hill
p. 34
Fingerings (chart)
Johnny Reinhard
p. 35
Microtonal Flute Fingerings: An Overview
Andrew Bolotowsky
p. 36
Microtonal Fingerings for Flute: A Comprehensive List
John Fonville
pp. 37-54
Glissandi for Flute (chart)
Robert Dick
pp. 55-62
Flute Fingerings by Frequency Bandwidths (chart)
Stuart Quimby
pp. 63-70
Just Intonation Flute Fingerings (chart)
Stefani Starin
pp. 71-73
Just Intonation Flute Fingerings on C (chart)
Rheva Kaplan
p. 74
Flute in 72-Tone (chart)
David Whiteside
pp. 75-79
Microtonal Oboe (chart)
Matthew Sullivan
pp. 80-83
Microtonal Bassoon (chart)
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 84-87
Quartertone Fingerings for the Boehm System Clarinet (chart)
Harold Seletsky
pp. 88-92
Microtonal Chart for Clarinet (chart)
E. Michael Richards
pp. 93-121
Clarinet in 72-Tone (chart)
Ian Greitzer
pp. 122-124
French Horn Fingering Chart (chart)
Ezra Sims
pp. 125-126
Just Intonation Horn (chart)
Francis Orval
p. 127
Microtonal Templates for Guitar (chart)
Mark Rankin
pp. 128-129
The Contemporary Saxophonist (chart)
Steve Kaufman
pp. 130-132
Saxophone in 72-Tone (chart)
Ken Radnofsky
pp. 133-134
Who’s Who in Microtonality
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 135-160
Johnny Reinhard
pp. 161-162